W O R T H I N G T O N            B U N K E R S

We'll: "Put You In The Ground and Take you out"

A u t h o r i z e d     B o m b N a d o     D e a l e r

Worthington bunkers is a consulting firm between you and the actual finished product.  We are your personal event planners for the end times front row seating for your luxury brunker.  By our continued updated reviews and research of companies that provide the installations, we will find you the best quality for your money, custom designs and satisfaction guaranteed.  Weather it's planning for the apocalypse, flooding, hurricane, CME, war or just a simple panic room we have you covered.  Our service is simple: you hire us for a one time flat fee after a free initial on-site evaluation of your property, we choose the right "set of companies" for your needs and are even available to oversee the entire project from design to finish.  We are further available for advising you on stockpiling your new shelter with needs to survive and those needed upon exit.  This service is a separate charge or can be included all together as a package deal.  For obvious reasons we cannot provide you with references nor will we even disclose you as a client, your name, location, etc.   "Our unknown clients are our best clients".