Q - What is a bunker ? 

A -  A living structure that is able to withstand impacts manmade, from nature and cosmic.  Sustain living in the aftermath thereof for a predetermined amount of time and a predetermined amount of people. 

Q - What comforts do you offer ?

A - Think bare minimum for now and temporary.  These bunkers can sustain you for many years with many ammenities.  The bigger the structure, the longer you can stay inside. 

Q - What is included

A - Well it's almost like building a car from scratch with a check list for shopping what you want.

Q - What is the cost ?

A - Min. is $25K up to unlimited. We can build you an entire city if you have the budget. 

Q - How long will it take ?

A - Many variables play a part in this.  We can get you a short term bunker in about 2 weeks.  Some can take up to 6 months to build.


W O R T H I N G T O N            B U N K E R S

We'll: "Put You In The Ground and Take you out"