W O R T H I N G T O N            B U N K E R S

We'll: "Put You In The Ground and Take you out"

When we first meet we will discuss the following

Initial Interview for options and additional features

Is your site diggable (bedrock) or do we go above  ground new or reinforce existing

2nd location (evaluate / build)
360* faraday cage
5000-gallon water tanks
Above ground vents camo
Armoring vehicle
Artificial turf
Basement conversion
Bat-ramp into bunker
Boat ship
Buy commercial property / bldg.
C2 comms intercoms, surround sound (music, alarm, etc), monitor, nature sounds

Cameras, security, surviellance
Cement foundation
Climb down tunnel ladder
Command Center
Comms room
Community tunnels to central large bunker center with neighbors
Cross bow / compound
Deceased predug burial plots and systems to deal with
Detectors / meters (above and below ground) radiation, air quality, sounds, etc
Dogs (training additional)
Drainage / pitch down / sewage / water
Earth removed to build berm
Emergency signal search n rescue
Excavators equipment (own / lease)
Fan vented air
Ferrety cages
Fish pond
Green house
Greenhouse (bulletproof / dome / viewing elevator)
Grow lamps
Ham license
Horiz / vert support beam jacks
Hot air balloon
Join existing bunker group off-site
Join groups memberships
List of choirs to keep busy , pass the time
Live stock
Log Cabin Look
Moveable to another location
Multi perimeter / zones
Multi sections / zones (quarantine, gym, pool, etc)
Multipurpose furniture
Mural painting
NBC air filter
Panic room
Panic room inside the bunker / Add waterproofing
Perimeter around bunker (garden, exercise, burial, compost, pond, space)
Perimeter defense
Perimeter fence
Pilot lessons
Prefabricated structures
Private island
Projection walls
Property spider holes, traps, tunnels
Reinforce existing structure / hardened shell interior / storm shutters
Reinforced top (cement, steel, rebar)
Reinforcing existing structure (home, garage, shed)
Self defense
Shipping container
Solar (existing / need)
Stealth Conversions (inground pool above/water source)
Tunnels (from house / exit from bunker/panic room)
Watch Tower
Water table avail for well VS rain catchment system
Weather station
Wind / water turbine

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