Package 101 “Research and Assessment”                             $2,500

Five days of researches and evaluations of your situation, property and choosing of a company that will fit your unique situation for "one" bunker or "one" panic room for “one” location.  After our initial free phone call and or on site meeting, we will ask you to commit to a "For Hire" agreement with a deposit of half to begin and in full before our services mentioned above are disclosed.


Package 102 “Onsite Forman Oversite”                                    $2,500

One of our highly trained consultants will stay on board for two weeks (10 days divided up however you want) for your project as an onsite foreman for the over-site of the entire project beginning till end.  Outside of Long Island, NY, additional fees for travel, food and hotel due in advance week by week. 


Package 103: Pre and Post Survival Lessons and more            $250

Contract is per category, per day, per Diem (buy 5 get one free).  Keep in mind that this is consulting only, we do not actually do the training of these ourselves, but instead set up the trainings and do the research on the best companies for product and or services, with the exception of basic survival skills in the wilderness (fire, food, shelter, protection, water, tracking and evasion)

Upon the execution of your contract between us, we strongly suggest that you consider:

1. What to put into the bunker. 

2. What you will need when it comes time to resurface.   

3. The fact that you may not want to use it at all before or an impending crisis that may be eminent.  

We are able to consult you on these three separate categories for the above mentioned fee(s).   Besides those 3 considerations, here is a small list of other types of consulting services you may want to think about hiring us for per day, per deim:

Survival skills training, Ham License, submarine, drones, ATV vehicle, 4x4 truck,  vehicle armoring, private island, private plane (rent, purchase, lessons and pilot license), hot air balloon, armed guards, fire arms, self-defense, cross  and compound bow, perimeter fences defense, security cams/alarms, watch  tower, missile silo purchase, boat/ship, existing group bunkers to join,  groups to join with memberships, horses, livestock, farming/gardening,  Eco-systems (including composting), solar/wind/turbine electric, cashe storage (separate offsite locations), bug-out/bug-in supplies and  backpacks, guard dogs (and training's thereof), spider holes and  tunneling systems.

* * * Solar Fuel-less Generators (Financing Available) * * *

Weather is not reliable, so a solar charging capable generator backup will help you map out and translate mother nature into reality without a calculator.